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How do I know my ring size?

Okay, this can be a little tricky, but we try and make it easy for you. If you already have a ring, you can measure the inside diameter in millimetres and we can let you know.

We also have a ring sizing tool that you can purchase for $10 and we will give you a 10% discount off your first ring purchase. But do not worry, if you find the ring does not fit, we offer a full refund or exchange policy in the first month.

Can these rings be resized?

Unfortunately, these rings cannot be resized due to the extreme hardness of the metal used in the rings. We do have a wide selection of sizes, with most sizes in stock for same/next day shipping, but if we do not have the size in stock, we are constantly receiving new shipments. Don’t forget we also offer a full refund policy if you are not happy with your ring size.

Can I change my ring if doesn’t fit?

Absolutely, we have a full refund/exchange policy for the first month and a full exchange offer for the first 12 months if you change your mind. If your ring is no longer in stock and you are requesting an exchange after the first month, you can choose a different style.  There is no refund if your ring is no longer stocked, we do ask that you choose a different style.

What about a change of mind for my purchase?

Absolutely, we have a full refund or exchange policy for the first month, giving you a risk free purchase.

Can the ring be engraved?

Unfortunately, these rings cannot be resized due to the extreme hardness of the metal used in the rings. They are 10 times stronger than gold, so whilst they look amazing, we cannot engrave them.

What is the warranty period?

There is a full refund policy within the first 12 months for breakage or severe damage to the ring. If you are having a change of mind, we cannot refund but will be happy to discuss a swapping to a new design for you.

What is “Comfort Fit”, what does that mean?

Normally, most rings have been made with a standard flat design, and for men, that could mean a hard ring to slide over a knuckle. “Comfort Fit” rings are domes on the inside, allowing a smoother fit, and certainly easier to slide onto your finger.  When choosing a size, you may find going down a ½ size will give you the better fit.

Can these rings discolour my finger?

Absolutely NOT, these rings have been made with the highest grade materials.  

What happens if a ring is out of stock?

We constantly have new stock arriving every few weeks, but if you have an upcoming wedding in the next month or so, please let us know by emailing so that we can give you an estimated time of arrival for your ring.

Can I wear a ring while swimming?

 Swimming at the beach is not a problem, but when swimming in a pool, if it is going to be for a few hours, it is best to put your ring aside.  Harsh chemicals like chlorine can damage and dull the ring. After swimming in a chlorinated pool, take some mild hand soap and give the ring a quick clean and it should bring the shine back.

 How to clean a Tungsten ring?

This is easy….DO NOT use harsh chemicals like bleach or chlorine or even jewellery cleaners. Using a simple solution of hand soap or a mild dishwashing detergent in some warm water will do wonders and dry with a soft cloth.